Collection: LifeSupport Grief Curation

Our LifeSupport Grief curation is the bundle that meets you where you are and offers movement of energy to inspire and transform what is possible.

This curation includes the ritual of lighting a candle. The Clearing Candle - a soft invitation to welcome tenderness and hold space for the memory of what was.

Dry brushing is a technique that moves the lymph of.the body. During times of grief, movement - even subtle- supports with transforming stuckness. Feel a sensation of aliveness while strokes are made toward the heart. Organic Coconut oil with a few drops of grapefruit essential oil nurtures and soothes your skin perhaps you find yourself in an uplifting moment to feel. Our grief journal and dealing with sadness card deck offer daily practice and tools to keep you honoring where you are and caring your way to what is next.

Pair with our Yoga for Grief or Energy | SIXTY