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Cleo + Coco Deoderant

Cleo + Coco Deoderant

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Award-winning natural deodorant with protection that lasts all day!

Great Expectations is a charcoal & magnesium signature Grapefruit Bergamot Scent – an uplifting aroma that makes you feel like your best self as zesty grapefruit and orange lend a feeling of refreshment and elevated mood. The fresh, bright aroma of bergamot blends lightly with citrus, ensuring you will expect great things from your day. Perfect for women, men, and teens.

True Blue is a natural deodorant that combines natural charcoal with magnesium, zinc and NO Baking Soda for protection that lasts all day. True Blue is our addicting Blue Tansy scent – a soothing aroma for a sense of grounding, wellbeing, and strength as blue tansy, a Moroccan chamomile, bestows a beautifully fresh, calming sensation and sweet orange boosts the mood. Perfect for women, men, and teens.

Sweet Surrender is lavender vanilla scent - a relaxing aroma that will lift your spirits and keep you feeling calm, smelling great and feeling fresh all day long.

Cocoa Beach takes you on a warm and sensuous experience. Notes of sweet vanilla and creamy coconut combine to make you feel like the sun and sea are kissing your cheeks, leaving a lasting and addictive scent on the skin.

Brave Heart takes bold stance on a classic herbaceous scent. Sweet basil grounds the fragrance and stimulates the senses while sharp peppermint and energizing orange add brightness. You’ll feel crisp, clean, and completely one with nature.

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