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Homeostasis by replenish

Pursoma Bath Soak & Treatment

Pursoma Bath Soak & Treatment

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Hot Tub: A single serve treatment bath with French Green Clay, French Grey Sea Salt and Ginger root for powerful relief from cold and flu symptoms. In a time where health means everything, Pursoma created a soak that will treat body aches and pains, decongest chest and sinuses, and improve circulation and thermo-regulation. This bath soak is known to revitalize the system and relieve any imbalance within the body. Powerful ginger powder warms up the body. Hydrates for repair from the harsh winter.

ResurrectionAn intense detox bath treatment featuring a blend of three essential ingredients, French Grey Sea Salt, French Green Clay, and wild harvested seaweed. Awaken an exhausted, overworked body with the help of this powerful mineral soak. This soak is perfect for alleviating tired muscles and resetting the body. Seaweed and algae soothes and softens the skin. Helps the body sweat out toxins and increases circulation. Aids in deep relaxation.

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