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Spring & Mulberry Chocolate

Spring & Mulberry Chocolate

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Spring & Mulberry is a modern food brand exploring a world of sweet beyond sugar. We love these beautifully packaged women owned, small batch produced, chocolate bars that were created during the healing journey of one of the owners. The Mission and purpose is to transform America's relationship with sugar by showcasing the beauty and pleasure of whole, naturally sweet, fantastic-for-you ingredients - jammy dates, floral pollens, rich cacaos, and tangy spices. The dates used to sweeten their chocolate is a particularly powerful ingredient, delivering both flavor and nutrition. The high fiber content in dates slows the digestion of sugar, resulting in a lower glycemic index than sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Dates also serve up more polyphenol antioxidants than blueberries and more potassium than bananas per serving.

Choose From:
Mixed Berry
Lavender Bee Pollen Rose Petal
Medjool Date Pecan Salt
White Mulberry Almond Fennel
Mango Urfa Chili Black Lime
Pear, Ginger, Rosemary

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